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Re: [xmca] teaching Vygotsky

Hi Shirley,

I teach at Cal State University Northridge in the Psychology Department. I
teach about Vygotsky in three courses:
-Developmental Psychology lower-division survey course in which we just
introduce Vygotsky (but I use the Cole, Cole, & Lightfoot text so it is
infused in many places)
-a course called "Human learning in the formative years", undergrad
lower-division course in which we focus on theories of learning and
development and Vygotsky gets a whole module (1 of 6 for the semester)
-a MA-level course entitled "Contemporary Problems of Child Psychology", a
type of overview of developmental psychology for students in the General
Experimental program.

On 5/28/09 11:58 AM, "Shirley Franklin" <s.franklin@dsl.pipex.com> wrote:

> We are doing some research into courses which teach about Vygotsky.
> Would really welcome feedback in terms of course name and level, and
> place.
> Thanks so much for your co-operation
> Shirley
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