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RE: [xmca] Makarenko?

I like Makarenko almost so much as like Paulo Freire.
His practical contributions, despite in a popular 
literary gender, are not vulgar nor reductionist.
It's interesting that he works at Poltova where Lidia
Bozhovitch works too, in certain period, but I don't
have any notice about any conversation between 
them. His "Pedagogy of samples" is used by popular
marxist social movements here is Brazil, as well
in Children Education as in Political Collective Actions,
and activists aptitudes... But I don't have any deep
contribution about his whole theoretical framework.
He have interesting texts about: discipline, familiar
education, sexual education, parents authority, and
other themes, based on socialist values of that time.

Best wishes.
Achilles from Brazil.

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> Can anyone tell me what they think of Makarenko's work?
> Andy
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