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RE: [xmca] imagination/creativity and so on

Dear and very special Wizard

Thank you very much for providing links to documents, rather than to
embargoed papers which, when converted by African exchange rates, make
obtaining them a tad difficult for isolated individuals to get hold of(!)
(no offense, Peter, LOL!).

But, cheat fair now: when you really think about Rilke's unicorn, Mike, what
does it tell you creativity is?


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A comment from a long time xmca reader about the imagination/fantasy
connection I cited a little earlier today pushes me to suggest that
those interested in what the hell I am getting at visit
http://lchc.ucsd.edu/People/MCole/Cultural-Historical2.PDF. Focus
particularly on the
way the notion of voobrazhenie is descontructed and reconstructed for
current purposes.

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