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[xmca] Imagination/Creativity

Thanks for comments thus far on my query about social construction of
creativity. It is clear from the varied reactions and suggestions that
my query had widely varying interpretations.

David Kel's response took the inquiry in its widest, or at least very wide
interpretation which extended to historical reconstruction/construal
at a broad level (The creation of tradition) which was not the way I was
going. I'll forgo remarks in that direction which have their own value but
in a different context.

Michael Evans reminded me of Vera's work and a piece with Moran which cites
at 1999 Encyclopedia of Creativity (Edited by Natalia Gajydamashko) who is
on xmca, and this connection helps me to better specify what I am after.

A colleague, Etienne, and i have been thinking about the process of
voobrazhenie which is ordinarily translated as imagination, but which is
according to the blind-deaf Russian Psychology, Alexander Suvorov, the core
act of cognition. The inquiry ET and i have been pursuing is about
the extent to which microgenetic processes such as saccadic eye movements
are cental to the process of into-image-making referred to by
Suvorov and when one would want to say they are creatiive. We have related
this to the notion that the "thought unembodied, returns to the hall
of shadows" so that to move from being a process of imagination there has to
be some sort of externalizatio of the imagined product of the
process, a product that perturbs the world and returns, socio-culturally
inflected, and eventually accepted by others as noticable and valued
to be considered a creation.

Vera and Moran's work and others seem relevant here. Thanks for all the
feedback and keep it coming!!
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