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[xmca] Revista Eclecta

Dear XMCA Friends,
For speakers of Spanish/Portuguese, there is now an electronic version of the Revista Eclecta, which Emiliano has worked so hard on over the years, often spending his own salary to publish this journal. His address is: 
Emiliano Sánchez Rodríguez emsanslp@hotmail.com 
You go to: 
--Empezar a Leer, and then again click the same thing. 
Now, for example (hopefully) you will see articles such as the first one by Nikolai Veraska. ( Pensamiento dialéctico y creatividad). Nikolai is a leading educator in Moscow, and I would also like to give you more personal information about him and his work on early childhood education: www.keytolearning.com/abs.html. I think you will really enjoy seeing about this area of Vygotskian teaching/learning. I have also attached information in English on a journal he is involved with, regarding early childhood education, called PET.  
Another person in this issue is a long time friend of cultural-historical psychology, Simone Marangoni, Diretora e Formadora do IPAF Brasil. Her article is titled:  A MEDIAÇÃO DA PALAVRA E DO BRINCAR NA PSICOTERAPIA COM CRIANÇAS

Simone has helped establish an IPAF center in Brazil, which was founded by our long-time colleague, Quintino Aires of Portugal (who has many IPAF clinics in Portugal, Brazil, Spain). Here is the address for IPAF: http://www.ipaf.pt/cursos03.asp 
I am very proud of Emiliano for continuing with Revista Eclecta, and never giving up. This will offer you some very important insights from various aspects of Vygotskian methodology..... 
With good wishes to all, 



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