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Re: [xmca] V. V. Davydov

Thanks for the info, Dot. Thanks for all the hard work,

On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 7:11 PM, Dot Robbins <drobbins72000@yahoo.com>wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> hankThis note is a request for help and support. Thank you in advance.
> There is a new translation of V. V. Davydov's Problems of Developmental
> Instruction: A Theoretical and Experimental Psychological Study. Peter
> Moxhay spent years (with no pay) translating this work, and I sincerely
> believe it is one of the finest theoretical/praxis-oriented works on
> cultural-historical theory and child development I have ever read. Truly, I
> learned more from Peter's translation of Davydov than I have learned in
> years. It is highly theoretical, with answers to many questions regarding
> the Vygotskian tradition, and it addresses issues of child development. I am
> hoping you can help order this book for your university library, or write a
> review of the book for journals, amazon.com, and anything you can think
> of. So many books in our tradition either offer theory or praxis....this
> particular book offers something I have seldom read before.....Even if you
> are not specialized in
>  child development, you will learn more about cultural-historical theory
> than you might ever imagine....I am hoping you will help us share
> information on this book. It was translated with total precision, and we are
> only interested in sharing the content as much as possible. There is no
> commercial interest involved with this note. I am writing this note to you
> because of my deep belief in what we can learn as a community. Now, there is
> a new series with Nova Science called International Perspectives in
> Non-Classical Psychology, and this is the first book in this new series.
> There is future interest in publishing works of today that maintain the
> highest quality of both theory and praxis (which in my understanding cannot
> be divided within Vygotskian psychology). If you are interested in
> submitting abstracts, please let me know. Again, books in this series will
> be a devotion of love, not much else, apart from a deep belief in the
> principles Vygotsky showed
>  us.
> Thanks so much for your support.
> Dot
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