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[xmca] FW: [ISCAR News] Extra ISCAR news - May 2009

*Dear ISCAR members, *

we are attaching a copy of a very interesting description for a PhD
studentship on Understanding Social Change: A New Perspective at the
University of the West of Scotland. The initial deadline for applications is
8th June. Please see the attached announchment for further details. 

We would also like to share with you the following information about the
Master's programme "Learning and Development in Multilingual and
Multicultural Contexts", at the University of Luxembourg. ISCAR News does
not usually provide information about MA programs, but this one without any
fees and we decided to make an exception: 

*Master's programme "Learning and Development in Multilingual and
Multicultural Contexts", University of Luxembourg*

Registration open for the Academic Year 2009/2010: deadlines and information

The trilingual MA study programme "Learning and Development in Multilingual
and Multicultural Contexts" was launched in 2007 to offer an innovative
applied research track for investigating issues, methodologies and
theoretical frameworks for dealing with learning and development in and
through multilingualism, multiculturalism and diversity. Currently, students
from more than 30 different nations from four continents participate in this
programme in educational sciences. 
Prerequisites are a completed three-year degree (or equivalent) at a
university, the functional mastery of two of the three academic languages
(English, French, German) as well as the submission of a personalized
application file.

Successful candidates for the study programme demonstrate motivation and
interest in individual as well as organisational learning, development and
mediation processes in today's age of diversity, information management and
international mobility. The previous degree can be earned in a wide range of
fields. Applicants have had backgrounds in educational sciences, computer
sciences, applied linguistics, communication sciences, psychology,
organisational development, business administration, political sciences,
marketing and tourism.

The study programme gives students a unique opportunity to develop their own
profile as learner, actor and innovator in complex, multi-facetted
developmental processes. The four pillars of the study programme combine and
contrast case-based analyses with regard to media and socio-cultural shaped
learning and communication processes, information brokering and information
design, multilingualism and its integration into the educational landscape,
multimodality and knowledge transfer.

Experts from Luxembourg and abroad hold seminars and thus allow students to
gain broad knowledge about current research trends and debates in the
discussed fields. Furthermore, the academic programme that can be studied in
two (full-time) or four years (part-time) includes international master
classes jointly organised with complementary study programmes in the United
Kingdom, France, Germany and Switzerland as well as workshops with business
partners and educational institutions. 
Each student also receives an academic mentor for the duration of the study

Please refer to the web site of the Master ''Learning and Development in
Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts'' http://www.multi-learn.uni.lu and
http://www.multi-learn.org for more information on the application
procedure, application deadlines (30.5. and 28.8. respectively), the study
programme as well as public events organised by the programme and
information sessions (May 13; June
24) during the next months. The coordination of the programme can be reached
by sending an email to emilie.mutombo@uni.lu <mailto:emilie.mutombo@uni.lu>
or gudrun.ziegler@uni.lu <mailto:gudrun.ziegler@uni.lu>

Emily Merko
ISCAR Administrator

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