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[xmca] FW: Education Review Publishes Review of Compton & Weiner: "The Global Assault on Teaching, Teachers, and Their Unions"

I know there's a lot of sympathy for unions on this list, so thought some
might find this book review of interest:

Education Review is an open access electronic
journal publishing reviews of books in education.
The Education Review has published more than 2,400
reviews since its inception in 1998. All reviews
are freely accessible on the internet at

The Education Review publishes reviews in Spanish
and Portuguese as well as in English. The following
book have just been reviewed in English and in Portuguese:

  Compton, Mary and Weiner, Lois (Eds.) (2008)
  The Global Assault on Teaching, Teachers, and
  Their Unions: Stories for Resistance. NY: Palgrave MacMillan

  Reviewed by Suzana Feldens Schwertner,
  Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

These reviews can be accessed as the first reviews under
Recent Reviews on the journal homepage
Gene V Glass, Editor

Gustavo Fischman, Editor for Spanish & Portuguese

Melissa Cast-Brede, Brief Reviews Editor


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