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[xmca] Twisted threads

Whew. Its partly allowing oneself to get behind, its partly the properties
of gmail that throw messages into different streams in odd ways I have
not decoded, but the past week of discussion has been particularly difficult
to get my mind around. I appreciate the "Change the header" strategy,
Jay. It does pare away and make more explicit which parts of prior
discussions are being address in a way that "reply all" by itself does not.

But the shortcomings of the system also point to the need to turn back to
the issue of improving the supports within XMCA for keeping ourselves
informed and informing others of what we are responding to in terms of what
we have read and also, if it were possible, to have someone working
at a meta level to try to map relations between threads.

Its too late in the academic year to start that latter project now and our
efforts at providing better internal supports on xmca have made little
(which is a little more than no headway) this year. Seems like it might
warrant being THE topic of lchc discussions and collaborative work next

Perhaps others will join us in the effort.
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