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Re: [xmca]Psychoanalytic perspectives on teaching and learning: Getting under the skin

Hello Mary

I will add a link to your conference if there is a url?

If others can suggest other 'key' conferences for end of 2009 and especially 2010... I would appreciate hearing from you.

Many thanks

Peter Jones
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Subject: [xmca]Psychoanalytic perspectives on teaching and learning: Getting under the skin

Psychoanalytic perspectives on teaching and learning: Getting under the

A conference in Canterbury

To be hosted by The Centre for International Studies of Diversity and
Participation, Canterbury Christ Church University, from Friday 4th to
Saturday 5th December 2009 (please note the new date)

Psychoanalytic theories, in their diversity, provide a unique framework
leads us to consider how the human mind, self, subjectivity, thinking
emotionality develop and what impact this may have on relationships. The
role of learning and education are continuous and ever present features
human experience. This conference will seek to provide an opportunity to
explore how psychoanalytic theory, broadly defined, can be used in the
and understanding of the many relationships and processes that are
throughout the educational experience of lifelong learners.

We would welcome papers/workshops etc that consider these issues
theoretically and clinically as well as in using research into learning
education in its widest sense. This can include consideration of the
of research that are appropriate for illuminating such relationships and

Areas/Relationships that could be explored are:

Dealing with existing and new knowledge.

How to learn and unlearn.

Is education learning and is learning an education?

The role of the intrasubjective and intersubjective in learning.

Reality and fantasy.

Play, playfulness and the imagination in learning.

Education and After-education.

The teacher/student relationship.

The battle between desire and resistance.

The relationship between 'school' and society.

Learning in adulthood and later life: the 'threat' of dependency

Where do we position the blame for low achievement?

Anxiety and containment when dealing with difficult knowledge.

Education or learning as a transitional space.

Love and hate in the learning process.

The ambivalence to learn or not to learn.

The conference will take place on Friday 4th to Saturday 5th December

The format will include keynote addresses from Biddy Youell, Mark
Tony Brown, Linden West and Celia Hunt. There will also be paper
presentations, workshops, roundtable discussions and poster
We welcome contributions from both experienced colleagues as well as
who are in the early stages of their careers and will be actively
seeking to
produce a book based on the conference papers.

The organising committee is open to considering a rich diversity of
engagement experiences and would therefore welcome creative suggestions
delegates. It is our intention to provide a flexible and supportive
environment that will enable delegates to explore the rich yet often
represented insights that psychoanalysis can provide to lifelong

Local Organising Committee

Dr Linden West, Reader and Co-Director of the Centre for International
Studies of Diversity and Participation

Alan Bainbridge, Senior Lecturer, Department of Childhood Studies,
of Education.

First Call for Papers:

Proposals for participation in this conference are now invited.
should be in the form of a written abstract on one side of A4 in clear
12 font. This should provide a summary indicating how your contribution
reflects the main conference themes, how you wish to present but please
name. Please give this and your affiliation and full contact details on
separate sheet.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 25th September (please note the

Please send electronic copies of your proposals to
emma.stewart@canterbury.ac.uk or charmian.cowie@canterbury.ac.uk 


Details to follow

Travel and Accommodation

Details to follow

Conference Fee

This will be in the region of £60. Full details to follow.

For further information please email the Conference AdministraParticipation,
Canterbury Christ Church University
Department of Educational Research,
Canterbury CT 1 1QU, UK
Phone 0044 (0) 1227 782732
Fax 0044 (0) 1227 470442
email: linden.west@canterbury.ac.uk 

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
(UKCP Registered)
5 Shepherdsgate, Roper Road
Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7RU, UK

Phone 00044 (0) 1227 760344

Mary van der Riet; School of Psychology; University of KwaZulu-Natal
Private Bag X01, Scottsville, 3209

email: vanderriet@ukzn.ac.za
tel: 033 260 6163;  fax: 033 2605809

Please find our Email Disclaimer here: http://www.ukzn.ac.za/disclaimer/
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