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[xmca] CHAT: Interdisciplinary or maybe TRANS-disciplinary?

I think it is pretty widely stated that cultural historical activity theory
or socio-cultural historical practice theory or ..........
is what is ordinarily conceived of as an inter-disciplinary undertaking that
spans at least social sciences and humanities, with
some arts and evolutionary biology thrown in from time to time (and even,
gulp, some math).

Andy has been using the term interdisciplinary in trying to get us to think
of projects as a basic unit of analysis while some
resist the idea of *A SINGLE* unit of analysis that spans all concerns of
this ryzhomic enterprise.

And despite the talk of interdisciplinarity, we seem to be pretty heavily
centered in psychology and education, with only
some attention to work.

Might we need to think seriously about a TRANS-discipline where integration
across levels of time and syncrhonic variation
are included? Or must we always be piecemeal, able to cope with 2-3
dimensions/aspects of our problematic, but unable
to move to the integrative level that our own theories tell us we need?

Last thought/question of the evening.
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