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Re: [xmca] In what sense(s) is mathematics a social construction.?

Then Wolff-Michael Roth wrote:-

> On the nature of mathematics, you might find helpful E. Husserl's text "On the origin of geometry" and the commentaries
> that J. Derrida and M.Merleau-Ponty have published. I think the latter has a copy of the text in English, the original text
> was in German, published in an otherwise French journal. Cheers, Michael


> Related to the question, we have a recent publication in the Journal of the Learning Sciences. Watch the question in red.
> Following Husserl, we can see in the analysis the objective, transcendental nature of mathematics emerge from the
> embodied, sequentially ordered talk that makes the lessons. Michael
> The Emergence of 3D Geometry from Children’s (Teacher-Guided) Classification Tasks
> Wolff-Michael Roth & Jennifer S. Thom
> University of Victoria
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