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Re: [xmca] Fwd: FW: Subtitles


Quoting "Mike Cole" <lchcmike@gmail.com>:

Valerie is on the task. By all means write to her with suggestions.

  Hi Mike,

Nice to hear from you. Hope you are well. Thanks for the update and

We’re actually in the process of getting the transcript written; hopefully
it will be completely ready to go for closed captioning within the next two
weeks. If we run into trouble in getting the transcript completed in the
next while, I’ll consider the help you are suggesting.

It may be more helpful for people to help out with different language
subtitles. We’ve been approached to offer subtitles in Portuguese for
Brazil, Spanish for Mexico, Italian for Italy, French for Canada and France,
and we have thought perhaps Russian (although no one has asked us for that).
I met some people at the ISCAR Conference in San Diego from Brazil that have
offered to complete the Portuguese subtitles once there’s a transcript,
we’ll need to find a person for the Spanish subtitles, Luciano has suggested
he may be available for Italian translation. Prof. Alan Cameron, who did the
Russian voice over in the DVD, is the Head of the Language Dept at our local
University and would probably be available for French….and so on. Do you
think we’d need subtitles in Finnish?
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