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Re: [xmca] Vygotsky Summer School


I just wish that I had the finances to attend this November's International Vygotsky Conference in Moscow.  For many years I have been a follower of Vygotsky ( http://www.igs.net/~cmorris/vygotsky.html ;).

Hopefully, I'll be able to view its results on the web.

Clifford Morris

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Subject: Re: [xmca] Vygotsky Summer School

I would love to go Dot, but it is just impossible for me. Even getting to visit Marilyn's group in a southern suburb of Melbourne was a huge performance. But I firmly believe that there are few things more important in today's world than people travelling to each other's countries and working together in each other's local context. Just for now, I have to rely on the good ol' internet!


Dot Robbins wrote:
> Dear Andy,
> I would like to thank you publicly for all of your support in the lecture series you promoted a few years ago in Australia. There have been wonderful results because of your efforts. Marilyn Fleer (President of ISCAR) has made tremendous strides in connecting her university to the Vygotsky Institute of Psychology. She is building strong bridges of international understanding. I wanted to say that Marilyn will be a Key Note speaker at the International Vygotsky Conference in Moscow, November 17-20, 2009. I am attaching the "draft" information on this conference....many things are subject to change, but it is important that we all know about the conference, to apply for funding. I would like to encourage you to try to attend this particular conference, as new discussions will be taking place within a wonderful network of international dialogue. Much more information will be forthcoming.
> With good wishes to all,
> Dot 
> Dorothy (Dot) Robbins
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>    Great to hear that Marilyn is playing such a role, Dot, and building
>    firm links between Elina's work in Russia and far away Melbourne!
>    That is really wonderful.
>    Andy
>    Dot Robbins wrote:
>      > Dear Friends,
>      > This is the last announcement for the Russian Vygotsky Summer
>    School, from June 19-26, 2009. We have a small, very international
>    group of people attending. Some of the countries that will hopefully
>    be represented are: Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Taiwan, USA,
>    and Australia. We will have Marilyn Fleer and some of her team with
>    us. Dr. Kravtsova visited Marilyn in Australia last fall, and they
>    have started a deeper dialogue on how Vygotskian methodology is
>    actually practiced in the Golden Key schools in Russia. The format
>    of the Summer School will be flexible, and all participants are
>    encouraged to have a list of questions on child development compiled
>    to use as a source of deeper understanding of the Russian context of
>    theory and praxis. Most of the participants will be leaving on an
>    overnight train from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don, where we will then
>    travel to our destination of a Golden Key school in Belaya Kalytva.
>    The overnight train will cost
>      >  approx. $200, which is not included in the registration fee. If
>    you would like to join us for the Summer School experience, and want
>    to take the overnight train with the team and staff from the
>    Vygotsky Institute of Psychology, we will need to have a scanned
>    copy of your passport quickly. The tickets must be ordered at the
>    beginning of May. Of course, if you decide to join us later, you can
>    also purchase the train ticket privately. However, it does not mean
>    you will be riding in the same section of the train. We are truly
>    looking foward to the summer school, and to establishing ties that
>    will form a deeper understanding of the methodology of the Golden
>    Key Schools. Attached is the information sheet, with the application
>    at the bottom of the page.
>      >  It will be a joy to meet you in Moscow for this exciting
>    opportunity. We will be compiling information on the Summer School
>    to offer a summary to those who would like to attend, but cannot.
>      > With good wishes,
>      > Dot
>      >  Dorothy (Dot) Robbins
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