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[xmca] FW: Conference 2009

From: Pete Fiorentino [mailto:PFiorentino43@msn.com] 


We are pleased to announce the 2009 SDPUS Conference of the Americas
Schedule, to be held in beautiful Tamarindo,  Costa Rica!

Join some of the more than 400 members of the SDPUS community for five days
of inspiration, collaboration, and reflection at the Tamarindo Diria Resort
& Conference Center.  This year's theme,  New Thinking for a New World,
reflects the exciting changes and challenges facing the SDPUS Americas
community, as we draw together some of the most knowledgeable resources from
the Latin American and North American regions.  Thru-out 2009 SDPUS
Conferences will feature inspiring and provocative speeches from a variety
of thought leaders in the fields of education and international
environmental relations including:

.                                Allison Gist,  Annenberg Foundation:
Grants Associate

                 Rob Gibson,  University of Rochester:  Senior Associate
Vice President for University Advancement & Executive Director of Academic

                                   Franklin Chang,  Former NASA Astronaut,
MIT Expert Physicist:  Founder of Ad Astra Labs- Liberia, Costa Rica

                                  Carlos Murillo,  International Educator
and Professor at Earth University-La Flor, Costa Rica

.                     Bernard Patten,  Educator and Biologist at the
University of Georgia,  Founder:  Systems and Engineering Ecology Group

                 Tim O'Hara,  Founder of Rancho Mastatal:  Sustainable
Living Eco-Resort near Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

                 Ralph DiClemente,  Noted Medical Professor at Emory
University: HIV Prevention

                 Hugo Loaiciga,  Hydrologist and Agricultural Engineer at
the University of California Santa Barbara:  Working on Water related
problems in Central America   

     Additional Notable Partnering Professors:  

     Farzin Madjidi, Pepperdine University       Rob Gibson, University of
Rochester    Joel Seligman, University of Rochester       Steve Uebbing,
University of Rochester      Tyll Van Gyl, University of Rochester
Brian Brent, University of Rochester   

     Patricia Maurice, Notre Dame University       Graham Allen, University
of Washington       Amar Yahiaoui, University of Washington      Mark
Grismer, University of California Davis      Nancy Curtis, Bowdoin College
Tim O'Hara, Syracuse University  

       Theodore Endreny, Syracuse University     Charles Hall, Syracuse
University      Mark Grismer, University of California Davis      Dyan
Mazurana, Tufts University     Richard Vogel, Tufts University     Michael
Alles, Vanderbilt University                   

     Ralph DiClemente, Emory University     Vicki Davis, Vanderbilt
University      Maj Hulten, University of Warwick      Deborah Lawrence,
University of Virginia     Richard Shingles, Johns Hopkins University
Jonathan Caulkins, Vanderbilt University  

            Dan Rubenstein, Princeton University         Tao Lowe,
Pennsylvania State University         John Fruehoff, University of
California Irvine        Lochi Yu, University of California Irvine
Professor Dasgupta, University of California Irvine      

     Isabelle Warren, Troy University      William Cooper, University of
California Irvine     Pedro Bidegaray, Earth University Costa Rica
Niyati Parekh, New York University      Nick Voigt, Georgia Tech University
Brendan Hodkinson, Duke University 

       Michael Davis, Emory University      Cheri Brodeur, University of
Florida        David Matarrita, Teaxas A&M University        Leanne Jones,
San Diego State University       Michael Connors, University of Wisconsin
Michael Bennet, Pepperdine Universi

             Karen Elmore, University of Oklahoma     Ed Begley Jr., TV:
Living with Ed     Sharon Ravitch, The University of Pennsylvania   Diane
Doolan, University of Miami     Karen Mead, University of California    Todd
Geidt, University of California

        Bruce Madwell, University of California     Gerald Berenson, Tulane

        Strategic Decisions and Partnerships would like to invite you to
support our efforts by attending our conference as a participant (see
attachment above) or by sharing your products or services    with our
attendees by registering as an exhibitor,  advertiser  or  a  conference
sponsor.  The exhibit hall will be open for three full conference days.  To
maximize your visibility at the conference,  we also offer the opportunity
to advertise in our conference program- we estimate over 1000 programs will
be printed and distributed to conference attendees through-out the next

Visit the official website for the SDPUS Conference of the Americas at
www.sdpus.com for conference information, exhibitor terms and conditions and
instructions on submitting a proposal.            Upon acceptance of your
proposal, we will provide you with registration information.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

      Please do not hesitate to contact me at PFiorentino43@msn.com or via
phone at (585) 502-4695 (voip) or +011 (506) 2653-0765 (Costa Rica).

I thank you for your support and hope you will join us in Tamarindo, Costa

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