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[xmca] FW: Second Stavanger Reading and Writing Conference


Dear all,
We'll organise shortly the Second Stavanger Reading and Writing  
Please find attached the Call for papers and the Abstracts of the Key- 
note Presenters.
Be so kind to forward this e-mail to anyone you think who would be  
interested, either as a speaker, a delegate, or a workshop presenter.
Best wishes,

> ________________________________________
> Victor H.P. van Daal, Ph.D.
> Professor of Special Education
> National Centre for Reading Education
> and Reading Research
> University of Stavanger
> 4036 Stavanger, Norway
> Phone: ()47 5183 3258/3200
> Fax: ()47 5183 3250
> E-mail: victor.v.daal@uis.no
> CV: http://lesesenteret.uis.no/om_oss/ansatte/

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