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[xmca] About periods in Vygotsky's thought

Greetings, for all

I have listen some colleagues here in Brazil telling me about studies dedicated to the development of Vygostky's creative work, in which we could find some discernible periods ("three", for instance). These periods would be related with socio-cultural context of Soviet Union (and Pre-Soviet Union) and its vicissitudes. But, sometimes I have difficulty in understand how to establish some causal relationships (even genetic-causal) between some works wrote by Vygotsky and his period of publication, non-publication. For instance: "History of Development of Higher Psychic Funtions" is dated from 1931 (suposedly the "Second Period", suposedly a "more objective" one...), but only published in 1960, by first time... and only the five first chapters... Then, I have a doubt, if this book reflects some needs of that time, and then its trend to a more "official" tendency to "objectivity", why not publish at time in which it was writing? Beyond this, another dificulty in establish some relationships arrises to me because a question dates determination. The year of publication not necessarily is the year of production of the work, and, at least in the works I have access, not alwayss we have a history of the time of production of a singular work. Another problem is that some manuscrits will compose diferent works in future, like "Concrete Human Psychology" (1929), supposed a preparation to "History of development..." (1930), but whose quotations to certain works of Marx and Engels are repeated in the Paedology of the Adolescent, in a very close line of reasoning presented in 1929... (chapter about "personality") (1934(?)).... Do not these kind of heterocrony, generates some dificulties in some kinds periodization? How can we methologically grasp more non-linear and multi-voiced process in our approach to the development of a complex inter/hyper-textual creative process? Periodization is really an useful semiotic device to think the history of development of the creative work of an author like Vygotsky? In which terms it is useful and important?

Can you indicate me something about this question?

Thank you, very much.


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