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[xmca] Searchable sociocultural theory and L2 learning research database

Dear XMCA colleagues -- for those interested, see the note below from my
colleague Jim Lantolf announcing the alpha version of a database of L2
research associated with LSV and the cultural-historical school.

Dear colleagues interested in LSV and second language development research,

The Center for Language Acquisition at Penn State has just established a
searchable bibliography on Sociocultural Theory and L2 Learning. You can
access it at http://language.la.psu.edu/SCTBIB/. The site also allows you to
submit additional entries, which will enable us to keep the reference tool
as current as possible.

Please note that the scope of the bibliography is limited to research that
focuses on SCT and L2 learning.

To send us new entries for the SCT L2 bibliography, please use the following
e-mail address:


It would be helpful if you would also indicate which key words the reference

I hope you find this a useful tool.


Jim Lantolf

James P. Lantolf, Greer Professor in Language Acquisition & Applied
Linguistics http://lals.la.psu.edu/
Director of the Center for Language Acquisition http://language.la.psu.edu/
Co-Director CALPER http://calper.la.psu.edu/publications.php
305 Sparks Building
Penn State University
University Park, PA 16802
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