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Re: [xmca] Istoriya Razvitiya

The Volume 4 LSV CW in English has that title.

Is this the same as your Portugues version? And in the Russian book you kindly sent me as attachment, I see two mentions of Hegel (using your cyrillic) which appear to be the same as in chapter 4 of Mind and Society.

Now none of these references correspond to what Alex Kozulin quotes. Am I missing something?


Achilles Delari Junior wrote:
Andy, this is the Russian version - don´t worry about Portuguese title of the file.

Hegel is quoted six times.

You can search your pdf with terms:
??????, ??????,and ?????? - it's because declination.
Nominative case must be ??????...
At the Spanish version we also find six entries for Hegel in this volume.

Best wishes.

Em 16/03/2009 21:53, Andy Blunden  escreveu:

Could our dearest Russian speakers help me out here. I am looking into Vygotsky's contact with Hegel's works. Alex Kozulin paraphrases very interesting words of Vygotsky from _Istoriya Razvitiya_, p89 and most especially p143.

I would dearly like to read this. If anyone is able to scan it for me I will get it translated somehow.

thanking you in advance.

Andy Blunden http://home.mira.net/~andy/
Hegel's Logic with a Foreword by Andy Blunden:
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