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[xmca] FW: Hegels_Logic

The Marxists Internet Archive has just published Hegel's 
Logic with a Foreword by Andy Blunden, available from 
Erythros Press  http://www.erythrospress.com/.

The Foreword introduces the reader to Hegel's life and times 
and a Marxist reading of the Logic. Hegel was really the 
first Cultural Psychologist, and Hegel's concept of Spirit 
can be understood as Activity in a sense similar to that of 
Leontyev. Such a reading opens a window on how Marx used the 
Logic in the writing of Capital, and the origins of some of 
the more obscure methodological questions in Vygotsky's 
writing, such as the "unit of analysis."

The book maybe purchased from http://www.erythrospress.com/ 
for US$25 plus postage, $5 US or $13 elsewhere. Profits go 
to the Marxists Internet Archive to allow it to continue 
bringing the classics of Marxism for free access over the 

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