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[xmca] Ilyenkov's conference

Dear colleagues,

Below I’ll give a Newsletter for Ilyenkov’s conference which will take  place in Zelenograd (Moscow suburb) in the middle of May.

The conference will centre on three crossing themes.

1.	The place of Ilyenkov in the world’s philosophy of XX-XXI century.
2.	Ilyenkov’s theoretic ideas as the real foundation of scientific (= Marxist) psychology
3.	Ilyenkov’s Marxist methodology and the key to many burning social, economic, political and cultural issues of the day

Among the organizers of the conference we can mention the Alter-Globalist Net-Work “ALTERNATIVES” which concentrate left Russian and international Marxist intellectuals,  Philosophical society “Dialectic and culture” and researching center “Mikhail Lifshitz archive” uniting many well known philosophers, sociologists and psychologists disciples of Evald Ilyenkov and Mikhail Lifshitz, and affiliated with ISCAR section “Dialectical Psychology” Russian researching group “Dialectical Psychology” and some others .

We are going to minimize the formal reading out of reports and maximize the discussions, round tables and substantial personal contact of participants of the conference.

Besides physical presence in the conference the remote (via internet video bridges) participation will be appreciated. We are planning to organize discussion with remote participants and discussions which starting during the conference will continue via internet forums and listserv.

The materials of the conference will be soon available at the special web site which will be ready every other week. 

Sasha Surmava 



11-th International Il’enkov Memorial Congress dedicated to 85 years of Evald Il’enkov's birth.




Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology

Philosophical society “Dialectic and culture”,

ISCAR section “Dialectical Psychology”,

L.S.Vygotsky Institute for Psychology RSUH, 

Alter-Globalist Net-Work “ALTERNATIVES”,

Researching center “Mikhail Lifshitz archive” 


May, 13 - 15, 





The 11-th International Il’enkov Memorial Congress
 dedicated to 85 years of Evald Il’enkov's birth
 will take place on 13-15 May, 2009 .


The main themes of the conference:

1.       Il’enkov and world Marxist philosophy

2.       Il’enkov as a founder of a new stage in CHAT psychology

3.       Il’enkov and actual social, political and cultural problems of modernity


Call for Proposals


A proposal (500 words) can be submitted as:
                    - an abstract of the paper corresponding to one of the conference themes;
                    - an abstract of the poster paper presentation corresponding to one of the conference themes; 
                    - a symposium or panel programme that corresponds to one of the conference themes
                    - participation in round-table discussion.

A proposal has to include: Family Name, Given Name, Email Address, Institutional Affiliation, detailed Mailing Address including Street, City, State/Province, Country, Postal Code.


The works presented at the conference will be published.

The working languages of the conference: Russian, English.

- Submission of proposals:  March 15, 2009
- Abstracts acceptance: March 20, 2009
Registration Fees
 €150 for overseas participants
 1500 roubles for those from CIS
 1000 roubles for Russian participants

Further information will be sent as a newsletter to every participant by email and found on the following websites:





For more details please address to Organising and Programme committees:





Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (Technical University), TU MIET

124498, Moscow, gorod Zelenograd, proezd 4806, #5

Kafedra philosophii I sociologii.

For Russian speakers tel.: +7 499 720 8718 (Irina Mikhailovna)

For English speakers Skype: alexander.surmava (Alexander Surmava)

Fax.: +7 495 455 88 24


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