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Re: [xmca] Ethnomethodology

I'm trying to track down two articles by Marcel Mauss that I think may be
relevant to this discussion... I did find the second in JStore in French,
but English would be better! Anyone have any tips?

Mauss, [1935] 1973. ³Techniques of the Body.² Economy and Society 2: 70-88.
Mauss, M. [1938] 2001. "A category of the human mind: The notion of person,
the notion of self." In P. Du Gay, J. Evans & P. Redman (Eds.), Identity: A
reader (pp. 327-): Open University Press.

The latter is also in Carruthers, M., Collins, S., & Lukes, S. The category
of person. CUP, 1985, pp. 1-25


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