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From: Mike Cole <lchcmike who-is-at gmail.com>
Date: Sun Nov 30 2008 - 17:12:14 PST

I fear that at present the article to be made available free for discussion
at Taylor and Francis
has not been released. The ever-lengthening duration of Thanksgiving holiday
has probably not
helped matters. Consequently, many, probabaly most, members of xmca do not
have access to the
article in question by Stetsenko and Sawchuk. We are working on it.

The issue of discussion of article in MCA that are not made available free
is even more difficult and we
are working on that too. We have a situation where often two or more
articles are ones that people want
to discuss but we are unlikely to get T&F to offer the journal for free. So
we are discussing with them
the cost of electronic versions so that acces to people without the
financial means to get access can
be handled in a viable way.

Simultaneously, I would not that more than 30 people voted to discuss the
Sanino article, but to date, very
few people have availed themselves of the opportunity they obtained for the
group by their votes. I take
this to be a problem and would appreciate suggestions for making XMCA a more
multi-voiced forum for
discussion. Might the overwhelming majority of people who voted for
discussion of this article but who have
failed to comment on it help me and others understand what is a foot. Is it
amplification or amputation, perhaps some productive transformation, that is

The academic semester/quarter draws to a close in the United States. The
stock market is open in Asia. The people of Mumbai, Peshewar, Ramadi,
Eastern Congo, flood raviged Brazil and elsewhere bury their dead. The polar
bears, I hear, are enjoying a cool winter, but word is sparse from that part
of the world. The future beckons. What is that she is holding in her hand?
Or is it behind our backs?
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