Re: [xmca] Allan Luke on Race and Language as Capital -- part 2

From: Ng Foo Keong <lefouque who-is-at>
Date: Wed Nov 26 2008 - 20:28:08 PST

Hey! You missed out the other thing -- good food.

We have all sorts of food Chinese (various regions), Malay, Indian, Western, ...
We also have fusion foods (our own concoctions): e.g. Cheeze Prata,
Hokkien Noodles (Malay style), Chicken Pau (Islamised version of 'Char
Siew Pau'), ... etc. etc.

Heh! Heh! ;-)

2008/11/27 Mike Cole <>:
> Foo Keong--
> So, despite problems that are difficult to discuss, it seems that
> However, with globalization and increased mobility (esp. of well-educated
> professionals), our national identity seems to be held together only by
> Singlish (which is officially frowned upon).
> a "lingua franca" that belongs to everyone but no one, effacing the problems
> that Alan and Jay highlighted??
> mike
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