[xmca] Vygotsky and Trotsky (question)

From: Achilles Delari Junior <achilles_delari who-is-at hotmail.com>
Date: Tue Nov 11 2008 - 14:39:29 PST


It´s only a simple question,

Alex Kozulin (1990, Vygotsky: a biography of ideas) in his chapter about
"Pedagogical Psychology", see this book almost like a non-vygotskyan work.
I will not touch the problem of pavlovian trends of Vygotsky at this time.
But, about Trotsky, Kozulin think that Vygotsky quotes him only as a political
mean to be accepted in official marxist scene of the time, and nothing really
conceptually relevant. But, I had asked for myself, since 1994 when I have
read Kozulin excellent book: why then Trotsky? Why not Lenin or Stalin him-
self. Is not Pedagogical psychology a book published at 1926? Tom Bottomore
said that since 1923, Trotsky was leading opposition movements against so-
viet bureaucracy, what culminate with his expulsion from USSR in 1929 by
Stalin. Many years after read Kozulin's book, Vygostky's Pedagogical Psycho-
logy was published in Portuguese... I don't know exactly what happens after
with his political trends, but I feel that his quotations seems to be not so
artificial, nor conveniently "official".

What do you think about?

Thank you, very much. It's only to share a simple historical doubt.

Best wishes.

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