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Date: Sat Nov 08 2008 - 15:27:43 PST

Mike, I haven't yet received 15(1) of MCA, and so far as I
can see no article from that issue has been made available
for discussion by Taylor & Francis. A while ago you
suggested the following papers for discussion:

Allan Luke, Race and Language as Capital in School: A
Sociological Template for Language Education Reform


Mary van der Riet, CHAT and HIV/AIDS

Mary van der Riet, Reconceptualising IV/AIDS interventions


I had a look at Yrjö's paper and really I found nothing of
interest in it other than it's lack of interest. I did read
Mary's paper which I found very challenging and there was an
all too short discussion on it on the list. Allan Luke's
paper is from July. Allan is from the University of
Queensland, but I did not read the paper.

If Allan or you Mike have a PDF of Allan's paper in 15(1)
which I know nothing of, then I would be happy to join a


Mike Cole wrote:
> While our country has been focused on the election, I have been spending my
> days
> and nights getting better acquainted with the local health system. Dangerous
> places,
> hospitals. If you leave them alive, you leave them feeling less than
> chipper. Call that
> a glitch in my local, non-work related ecology.
> But I also come back to glitches on xmca. After seeing Helena's note this
> morning, I went to
> find the polls that, local staff tell me, are there for voting on the NEXT
> article for discussion (I have
> been reading MCA 15(4) with interest, plenty to choose from). But my link to
> Taylor and Francis takes
> me only to 2007 and then requires me to back up and go through my library,
> which I assume won't work
> for most of you and is totally inappropriate in any event.
> I have seen no comments on the Alan Lukes piece for discussion, which IS on
> xmca papers for discussion.
> There are other papers there that authors, rather than inquiring xmca
> members who propose someone else's
> paper for discussion, have proposed.
> I personally sent all xmca members the article for discussion voted on at
> the time of ISCAR and append it here.
> Next week is shortened by a Tuesday holiday which many will stretch into a
> four day holiday. I hope that local problems are sorted out by mid- week.
> Meantime I am wondering what people think of papers already agreed upon for
> discussion. If anyone does not know how to find these, please write me and I
> will direct you.
> mike
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