[xmca] A few thoughts on the moment

From: David Preiss <davidpreiss who-is-at uc.cl>
Date: Wed Nov 05 2008 - 08:25:31 PST

Because a mestizo is now just about
to get to a position reserved to
white-only characters;
because this mestizo didn't visit the third world
as a scholar,
as a tourist,
or as an exchange student:
part of his roots are in the third world;
because his second name is just the same
name of a man which was targeted by the agents of hate
as the cause of all evils
and people didn't get confused this time
so this coincidence didn't matter;
because his presidential campaign
was not only local
but had a cosmopolitan touch so many of us
out-of-the-USA saw
his campaign with joy and empathy and not with fear or distance;
and because he said internationalism is relevant
if we want to survive as a species;
because a large part of the United States judged him
not by the color of their skin but by the content of his character;
because instead of fear mongering
he made of historical awareness part of his argument;
because a new generation started his political life
and broke with the self destructive consequences of apathy
and cynicism;
this is a strange moment in history
whose consequences still we cannot anticipate:
which I think we can enjoy and should protect
just a bit part of the hope this moment raises
is accomplished
the world will be
a slightly, maybe not much, maybe just enough,
better place for you and for all.


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