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Thanks, Emily and Mike.

My point is pretty simple. I am <like you?> dolorously busy. In relation to
ISCAR, I was asked to come and give a talk at a conference organized around
themes of "Diversity" then I would like to see a little bit of
theory-practice fit.

There's an Index, and there's an Itinerary. That means that we are only one
hour of secretarial time away from a complete program, because anyone,
someone << I am right here, right now, publicly volunteering to put it on a
wiki if you just give me the information >> someone just needs to fill in
the blanks on the Itinerary marked, say, Session 6, that don't at present
tell you the session Title or the speakers names. But the Itinerary doesn't
list what you need to know. And worse, keynote speakers ARE named, which
enacts a class differentiation that is distasteful, given that we have all
read Marx, and have been asked to attend a conference where such things
matter, at least nominally, and where we know that such things matter a
great deal more.

I am just reading aloud the writing on the wall here. I consider this to be
part of my job. I also know no one likes to read emails like this, but
sometimes, silence is not helpful.


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On 04/09/08 12:08 AM, "Duvall, Emily" <> wrote:
> Hi Mary,
> By going to the Program and the Index of speakers I can tell you that you are
> scheduled for Thursday 1:50-3:20 pm (P7).
> That's the best I can do.
> ~ Em
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> I sent a message to XMCA this morning that doesn't seem to have gone
> through, so I will try again.
> I am pretty desperately trying to find out who is speaking when, at ISCAR. I
> am confused about why it's so hard. In good faith, I accepted an invitation
> to speak at ISCAR a while ago. The session I am speaking in is an Invited
> Symposium on Thursday afternoon entitled something like, Technology and
> Diversity.
> To this day, no names of presenters in the Invited Symposia appear on the
> website Program page. That discourages me as a speaker. But I also, of
> course, want to know who else is speaking, and I am highly computer
> literate, and I have made a great deal of inquiries, and had no success
> getting answers.
> Today, an Itinerary has appeared on the ISCAR website. Again, no names
> appear, except for keynotes. I don't need sociocultural theory to explain
> invisibility.
> Actually, I just want to know who is speaking in all those sessions that are
> not keynote sessions. And there are not that many of them. And the
> conference is next week.
> Can anyone tell me, for Thursday and Friday, what is on the Program, where
> and when? I will be very grateful, as I am taking time away from my very
> busy department and I would dearly love to make this time valuable.
> Thanks so very much,
> Mary
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