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Dot Robbins wrote:
> Dear Andy,
> Good to hear from you!!! I have tried to get this message to xmca, but
> it does not work. Could you help me cut and paste it to the listserv???
> Really hope you are doing very well. This is a great discussion!!!
> Thanks so much.
> warmly,
> Dot
> ----------------------
> Dear Andy and others (Bella, thanks for your Russian expertise),
> Since a few people have written off line, I will send the quote I was
> actually referring to from the article "Units" and Levels of Activity
> (A. A. Leontiev, in Journal of Russian and East European Psychology,
> Vol. 44/3, 2006). At the bottom of the page, I am resending my access
> code from my university, so that you can use that code to find this (and
> many other articles) for free, and you are allowed to print the
> articles. I believe it is important to situate activity theory within a
> "system," including levels, units, methodology, etc. Such a system is
> not static. Here is the quote:
> "If activity theory is a system of units of analysis, then this analysis
> should be undertaken within the framework of one particular science, in
> this case, psychology. But, if we are going to look at activity not
> simply as a theoretical construct, but as a methodological category, it
> become obvious that, in principle, it is impossible to construct a
> system of concepts of activity theory that would be 'self-sufficient,'
> that could describe a system of activity as such, in isolation from the
> "big" system in which it is contained, of which it is a part...'Units of
> analysis' do not have their own existence, independent of the object of
> study; a descriptive system cannot be opposed to the system of an
> object, about which L. K. Naumenko has written very clearly....If we
> refuse to grant 'units of analysis' a separate existence---and it seems
> that this is the only solution to the problem--then a special taxonomy
> of units of activity, and the introduction of a new series of units even
> more so, leads to a simple duplication of the problem. And such a
> special taxonomy seems hardly possible: the structure of activity as
> viewed within general psychological theory is inseparable from the
> structure of consciousness and from personality. Figuratively speaking,
> this is not so much a theory of activity as it is a theory of
> 'activity-consciousness-personality." (pp. 38-39)
> Good wishes to all,
> Dot
> Finding on-line full length journal articles, using my university address:
> (1). >library.ucmo.edu <http://library.ucmo.edu>
> (2). Click "online resources/databases"
> (3). Click on "Electronic journal search"
> (4). Type in Journal name
> (5). Click on "look up article"
> (5). Under "date" type in the year you want
> (6). Under Step 1, click on "journal"
> (7). Username: dar8616
> Password: Vygotsky7!
> (8). Select the year, they the volume. For example, if you want the
> article on "Will" by A. N. Leontiev, select /Journal of Russian & East
> European Psychology/, Vol.43/4 (2005), and the last article on that list
> will be "Will."

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