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From: Olga Vasquez <ovasquez who-is-at>
Date: Wed Aug 27 2008 - 09:10:01 PDT

Andy, I assume this is about the moodle, no? please direct your questions
to azure steward at ucsb:

She is ready to help.

>Logged in OK but I can't see anything about an enrolment key
>Olga Vasquez wrote:
>>Dear Colleagues and friends, many of you have
>>asked about the ISCAR schedule and
>>a multiple other questions. I have put
>>together the attached sheet to help answer the
>>questions that you may have. The other sheets
>>will help get a sense of the conference
>>before you arrive.
>>We have revised version of the Index completed
>>but are unable to post it on the web until
>>later tomorrow afternoon. However, if youare
>>in dire need for more information, please do
>>not hesitate to contact any of the UCSD team
>>(on the website) for further information on
>>your particular schedule. However, if you can
>>wait just a little more time, that would be
>>very helpful.
>>All of these items will be posted in the
>>website along with the index tomorrow evening.
>>pass them along.
>>Thanks much for your patience and support,
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