Re: [xmca] Russian for "Lines of Development" and "Janet's Law"

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Date: Sat Aug 09 2008 - 17:03:58 PDT

I am way out of my area of expertise, but David, you are
saying here that there are two different forms of memory? If
you are distinguishing between artefacts and psychological
functions I would agree that we have two different kinds of
thing here, and maybe "different lines of development" is
too weak a distinction. But if you are referring to two
psychological functions, I think the comparison works, but I
don't think you can see two different functions or entities
of any kind, but rather two different lines of development
(use of artefacts and recall) which intersect and merge.


David Kellogg wrote:
> In the same way, I think that LSV and Luria use "natural" and "cultural" lines of development not to tell the story of the descent of the higher psychological functions but to draw a clear demarcation line between forms of memory that are part of our biological endowment ("eidetic", as LSV calls them, although we probably wouldn't refer to them that way today) and those that are cultural "simultations" (e.g. writing). The two things are functionally similar but genetically different, but then they fuse and transform each other.

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