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This message struck me as interesting for the new kinds of private/public
blending that school-based educators are reaching for (or having stuffed
down their throats). The disparities in school income associated
with money raised by local families is huge in California and I assume
elsewhere. So here comes another


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With schools across the country actively searching for additional
fundraising opportunities, I'd like to suggest a back to school story idea
about GoodShop.com.

*Thousands of schools across the country are taking advantage of two new
fundraising tools which allow students, teachers and parents to financially
help out without spending money of their own GoodSearch.com, a
Yahoo-powered search engine which makes a donation for every search, and
GoodShop.com, an online shopping mall of more than 700 leading retailers
that directs a percentage of every sale to the user's favorite charity.*

This is a particularly relevant story idea as parents across the county are
doing online back to school shopping during this time and could be raising
funds for their children's school with every purchase the make!

*We would be happy to let you know of schools in your area using these
services upon request. *


Aviva Schick


* * *Schools Across America Turn to Online Resource to Fill Funding Gaps *

*Lack of funding causes schools to get creative, turning to services such as
GoodSearch.com to raise funds without asking their supporters for money.*

Los Angeles, CA, August, 2008 With gas prices rising and the housing
market already in a slump, economic fears have led to a national drop in
charitable contributions making it harder for schools to raise the extra
funds they need to operate effectively. As more and more schools begin to
feel the pinch, many are refocusing their fundraising efforts.

One standout pair of solutions GoodSearch.com and GoodShop.com allows
supporters to give to their favorite schools without spending a dime.
GoodSearch.com is the Yahoo-powered search engine that donates a penny per
search to the school of the users' choice. Similarly, GoodShop donates a
percentage of every purchase from more than 700 top online retailers.

Over 60,000 schools and nonprofits across the country are actively earning
funds from the GoodSearch and GoodShop strategy with over 100 organizations
submitting new applications daily. For example:

   - Since signing up on Goodsearch, Stevens Point Area Senior High in
   Stevens Point, WI has raised more than $1,500.
   - An inner-city New Jersey School District bought new books for their
   kindergarten classes which they couldn't buy before because they ran out of
   - Amos P Godby High School in Tallahassee, FL has raised almost $1,000 since
   signing up last year.
   - Carolyn Park Middle School in Slidell, LA has raised over
$1,175through both GoodSearch and GoodShop.

Schools report that GoodSearch and GoodShop are not only a source of
significant donations, but also an effective way to get students involved in
fundraising, without asking them to sell anything.

School administrators have found GoodSearch to be a compelling idea. Louise
McMinn, a teacher at Scofield Magnet Middle School in Stamford, CT, uses
GoodSearch as many as 10 times a day in support of her school. Louise
shares, "What's great about this fundraiser is that it gets the students
involved in fundraising for their own school. They get so excited when they
see that changing small habits like what search engine they use or where
they shop online can really add up and make a difference." And, Coby
Culbertson, from Western Dubuque School District in Farley, IA says "All we
did was let the students and faculty know to start using GoodSearch as their
search engine, and suddenly we created a way to raise money for our school!"

The GoodSearch and GoodShop team is revolutionizing online philanthropy so
that no one is denied the opportunity to support the causes most important
to them. "When the economy weakens, charitable organizations are often the
hardest hit," said Ken Ramberg, Co-Founder of GoodSearch and former
President of MonsterTRAK, the largest online career site for college
students (now a division of Monster.com <http://monster.com/>). "GoodSearch
and GoodShop are helping alleviate the strain in resources and making it
possible for everyone, regardless of how much time or money they have, to
give back."

*If you'd like to know schools in your area using GoodSearch, please contact
us and we can provide you a list.*

For more information contact:

JJ Ramberg


877 466 3004 x 702


*JJ Ramberg*


*877 466 3004 x 702*

*jj.ramberg@goodsearch.com* <jj.ramberg@goodsearch.com>

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