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Dear Andy, Wolf-Michael, Michael, All,
Thanks for the discussion on "activity," and I truly apologize that I do not follow the lines of thought completely....a lack of time for sure. I will not try to address some of the thoughts mentioned, which I really think need to be clarified by Russian speakers.....some of the discussion might be misguided without help from Russian experts. Clearly, discussions of the translation of "activity" have taken place, and one person to refer to is Nik Veresov. There are so many people on this listserv who could help.
The reason for my response (perhaps, inappropriate, and I apologize if so), was that it was so very interesting for me to try and understand the relationship of A. N. Leontiev to "units of analysis." Perhaps this could be another discussion with Dmitry Leontiev in future....now, I am referring to the Journal of Russian and East European Psychology (Vol. 44, Nr. 3, 2006, Chapter: "'Units" and Levels of Activity" [pp.30-46], written by A. A. Leontiev, referring to his father, A. N. Leontiev.)
I am afraid to quote parts of this chapter for fear of a misinterpretation, but feel it is important.....A number of weeks ago, I sent out information on how people internationally can obtain such journal articles for free, so I hope you can find this article. In the West, we need to be very clear that we have limited access to writings from the Russian.....This particular chapter in the journal is truly captivating, and I hope you will read it. Here, we are looking at “Units” and their understanding for A. N. Leontiev’s Activity Theory. I hope this helps….but feel inadequate in stating more……
With warm regards to all of you,
P.S. p. 36 of this issue is very important for me, relating to “the concept of personality as the internal element of activity…”.

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