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On Thu, 28 Aug 2008, David Preiss wrote:
> I looked for the word evolution there:
> and they really work hard to make a credible story!
> Let us hope that somebody takes the time to put those scientific quotes in
> the right place/context!
> By the way according to the website most of the people that "believes" in
> evolution are liberals!

Earlier, Andy Blunden wrote:
"Interesting to see the conservatives embracing postmodernism. In the
olden days, conservatives just had encyclopedias because they believed in
Truth. Now, as good postmodern relativists, they believe in having a
different encyclopedia for people with conservative or "liberal" views."

In his book "ONLY A THEORY" Ken Miller [Bio textbook author, and
pro-science witness in the Dover, Pennsylvania trial) develops the theme
of anti-evolutionist taking up a relativist/postmodernist stance. But they
still want to have it both ways: your truth vs. our truth, and TRUE truth
(ours, i.e., the fundamentalists).

Phillip White wrote:
"reminds me of nazi, fascists and communist diatribes. most remarkable."

Actually, the story that creationists are telling is that evolutionists
are like the Nazis, and that Christians are their victims. See this at

"It's almost like Hitler's time. It's almost like we are being so
indoctrinated, and our teachers are being taught, in our state schools,
the answers to give when students ask questions. ...

"And we need to get people together and have a plan in place for the
education system, so we can move forward. ACLU can put out all these
little fires all over the place just like in Georgia. They see something
come up and they send a bunch of their Gestapo people there to thwart
whatever is going on. And we need to have some sort of meeting of
educators so we can start doing something about it."

> On Aug 27, 2008, at 7:02 PM, Steve Gabosch wrote:
>> Liberal professor bashing by conservatives seems to be reaching a new,
>> pseudo-scientific level. This article is kind of a hoot, but it needs to
>> be taken seriously, in my opinion. It flames the culture war that is
>> going on in the US. This whole "conservative" (reactionary) encyclopedia
>> web site aims at that, as well as discrediting liberal, humanist and
>> socialist thinking. I had no idea it existed. It is part of a general
>> assault on every bourgeois democratic and humanist principle developed
>> since the 1600's.
>> Hopefully this nonsense about professors will be well answered.
>> Thanks again, Peter, for your always interesting links.
>> - Steve
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