[xmca]“Internal ethical instantiations” (Vygotsky apud Bozhovich)

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Dear all,


It’s only a bibliographical ask…


In Bozhovich’s words:


“The moral development
of a preschooler is closely associated with

changes in the nature of his interactions
with adults and the resultant

development of the moral ideas and
feelings that L.S. Vygotsky

called internal ethical instantiations.”
(Bozhovich, 2004 – p. 60)


L.I. BOZHOVICH. Developmental Phases of Personality

Formation in Childhood (II) Journal of Russian and East

European Psychology, vol. 42, no. 4, July–August 2004, pp. 55–70.


The term “ethical
instantiations” appears six times in this

Bozhovich’s text. In the
Russian version we can find:

 “«внутренних этических инстанций» (Л.С. Выгот­ский)”

[“vnutrennikh eticheskikh
instantsii” –

“internal ethical
instances/instantiations” (L.S. Vygotsky)]

(Bozhovich, 1997, p.


Please. Can
you help me, pointing the Vygotsky’s

where this concept of “internal ethical



Thank you,
very much.



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