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Dear colleagues.


Some time
ago, I was find in Russian Wikipedia, a number of links to Vygotsky’s Russian texts. I
downloaded some of them, mainly texts from the electronic version of the book “Выготский Л.С. = Психология развития человека. — М.: Изд-во
Смысл; Эксмо, 2005. — 1136 с.” (Vygotsky, L.S. Psykhologiia
razvitiia cheloveka – Moskva, Izd-vo Smysl; Eksto, 2005. – 1136 c). But from
some months ago until now, when I tried to get the other texts, the links was all
broken. Somebody can help me with the following texts and/or links to them?


1 Сознание как проблема психологии поведения (1924/5)

(Soznanie kak problema psykhologii povedeniia)


2 Орудие и знак в развитии ребенка (1930)

(Orudie i
znak v razvitii rebionka)


3 История развития высших психических
функций (1931)

(Istoria razvitia vysshikh psykhicheskikh funktsii)


4 Лекции по психологии (1. Восприятие; 2. Память; 3. Мышление;
4. Эмоции; 5. Воображение; 6. Проблема воли) (1932)

(Lektsii po psykhologii (1.Vospriiatie; 2. Pamiiat’; 3.
Myshlenie; 4. Emotsii; 5. Voobrazhenie; 6. Problema voli)


Tank you.



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