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>Carol says:
>Thank you for this--to meet Harold Rosen again. I do believe that he was
>possibly the first understood the nature of language and its functions in
>different communities. In the early 70s as a student, we read a paper
>called "The language of the hard core poor" which I believe paved the way
>for descriptive sociolinguistics, in USA (Labov) and the UK.(Bernstein)
>Go well, Harold and thank you.
>2008/8/4 <>

I also remember Harold with admiration and gratitude. He was a great
teacher and a powerful speaker for the cause of equitable and
relevant education for all students. I particularly remember
listening to a talk he gave about narrative at a conference in Canada
- apparently without notes. Later I read the article and it seemed to
be word for word the same as his talk. There are few people who can
make a written text read like spontaneous speech and spontaneous
speech have the coherence and elegance of a polished piece of

It is good news that his ideas are now being adopted by the
government policymakers in Britain.

Gordon Wells

Gordon Wells
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