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Dear Roger,

The experience you described is filled with care, warmth, and humility; and
unfortunately, in a busy life of a teacher dealing with even busier lives of
his/her students and/or other teachers doesn't happen that often. It seems
like teaching through therapy and practicing therapy through teaching. There
is (and there should be) a time for this in any educational setting.


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I am so aware of the statistics that you mentioned. Several of my students
and colleagues have shared their childhood experiences. One is now a
 psychologist -- she was also an incredible teacher. The frightening statiic

is how many of the abused become abusers. Because I teach statistics, I am
able to bring up the topic in class. Further, the students, in their
are required to use statistics in their presentation of an important social

The atmosphere at the center where I teach is very positive, and I often
to talk with students, who have not taken one of my courses. I saw one such

student yesterday. She was reading a book. I asked her, "How's the book."
 opening began an incredible conversation that lasted well over hour. She
 able to share with me the very positive direction her internal life had
taken, and how every day was a joy. She was in a place it has taken me 30
to arrive at internally. I listened and shared. I wish I could have
conversations like that with all my students. When ever the opportunity
itself, I make the effort to support a students search for meaning in their
I am able to support their search without imposing myself or my ideas on
them. I listen and reassure. Listening without judgement is critical.
I feel the same honesty and authenticity with the members of this group.

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