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1)? Help them understand their biases. There re several online sites that provide tests od bias that are similar to those developed at Harvard. We can hide our biases from ourselves, but not from the computer.

2)? While trying to understand other cultures and religions is important, it is more important in the classroom to show similarities. Bring the students together, rather than separate.

3)? Recognize that the school culture is a reflection of the community's culture. You have to walk a thin line. Plan your spontaniety.

4) Demand respect in your classroom, show respect outside your classroom.

5)? "Be an authentic teacher, the students know when you are faking it."

NOTE: Recently, a colleague was teaching employment skills to a very diverse clasin southern California. She saw the diversity as a problem. I convinced her to see it as a resource. For one activity, she grouped the students by ethnicity and had them brepare a presention on "What you need to know if the person interviewing you is ..........!" They all learned a great deal from each other.

[13 years teaching mathemaics and English in junior high, and 32 yers teaching mathematics in a community college.]

Hope this helps.


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Dear friends,

I'm developing the syllabus for a course this Fall about teaching in a cultural
pluralistic society for preservice teachers and would appreciate suggestions for
readings and resources from the group.

Thanks --


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