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I think that I found the title:

Чудновский В.Э. Нравственная устойчивость личности. М.: Педагогика, 1981.
Chudnovsky,V.E. Nravstvennaya ustoychvost' lichnosti. Moskva: Pedagogika, 1981.
Chudnovsky,V.E. Moral stability of the personality. Moscow: Pedagogika, 1981. (I suppose)

I will search for the text.

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> Dear Dorothy,
> Thank you very much, for all references and inspiring words. In your suggested link, there are 8 titles by Chudnovsky in Voprosy Psychologii (1985; 1986;1988; 1989;1990; 1999; 2003;2006), 5 of them have an abstract… All very interesting. I am curious mainly about “Problem of subjectivity in the light of present-day issues in the psychology of education” (1988); “Actual problems of conviction forming psychology” (1990); and “Psychological constituents of the optimal life meaning” (2003). Searching by Cyrillic version of the name Chudnovsky, we find other titles, some complete texts, and little biographical information. I suppose that his complete name is Vil’ Emmanuylovich Chudnovsky [Виль Эммануилович Чудновский] – born in 24.09.1924.
> The “moral stability of personality” seems to be an important issue to me, as a socio-genetic dynamical process… social relations, meaning, sense, worldview, ideology, sense of life, life meanings, perizhyvanie, emotions, consciousness, personality...
> I will see.
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> Thank you.
> Achilles
> Chudnovsky V. E. : International seminar on the problem of abilities (in Russian) 85'2 p.183
> Chudnovsky V. E. : Urgent problems in the psychology of abilities 86'3 p.78
> Approaches to the problem of abilities which exist in the Soviet psychology are analytically reviewed, and a perspective for further research in this field is suggested. Among the central issues dealt with in the article: individual differences and age pre-requisites of abilities; role of natural endowments and particularly of formal-dynamic properties in development of content, experiential aspects of individual performance; personality approach to the study of abilities (purposeful development of a particular personality structure as a means of developing required abilities). In connection with the last issue the author provides some results obtained in studies performed in his Scientific Research Institute.
> Chudnovsky V. E. : Problem of subjectivity in the light of present-day issues in the psychology of education 88'4 p.15
> The article deals with the problem of man's inner subjective world regarded as a specific integral unity which is both the product and the producer of external forces. Some factors are presented responsible for appearance of the "core of the subjectivity", as well as environmental and age circumstances instrumental in development of the subjectivity. Individual style of activity is understood by the author as a wider notion than is conventionally accepted and as a manifestation of the subjectivity. The notion of the "small environment" is introduced to describe man's inner subjective world. In conclusion the notion of the subjectivity is related to some urgent problems in the field of practical education.
> Choudnovsky V. E. , Orlov A. B. : Soviet-Czechoslovakian symposium (in Russian) 89'2 p.175
> Chudnovskiy V. E. : Actual problems of conviction forming psychology 90'5 p.40
> The consideration of inner, "intime" part of conviction forming process is offered. The latter are shown to be special personal formations possessing of own psychological structure. The problem of psychological foundation for them as well as the problem of cognitive and necessity-personality components interrelation is considered. It is shown that support on child's own potential and on inner logics of child's development is the necessary condition for conviction forming process effectiveness' increase. The thesis of morality's leading role in convictions of different kinds forming is substantiated. The task of working out of general strategy for conviction forming as a system of moral education for all stages of human development is considered.
> Chudnovsky V. E. : Personality model of a teacher (in Russian) 99'2 p.107
> Chudnovsky V. E. : Psychological constituents of the optimal life meaning 03'3 p.3
> The author discusses the notion of the optimal life meaning as one of characteristics of orientations in the meaning of life, identifying and characterizing various aspects of the optimal life meaning as a psychological phenomenon. The paper describes interconnection between the level of meaning of life orientations and the nature of professional activity, peculiarities of "meaning-building" in the disabled, the role of humanistic moral values in the establishment of the optimal life meaning.
> Chudnovsky V. E. : On three scientific ideas of B. M. Teplov 06'6 p.112
> The paper looks at B.M. Teplov's scientific ideas of natural determination of abilities, the personality approach to abilities and narrow orientation of personality, analyzing theoretical importance of B.M. Teplov's works on natural foundations of abilities and describing productive contributions of modern authors to his theory of the role of personality orientation in development of abilities. The author argues that B.M. Teplov has formulated a new approach to studying personality as a whole which exceeds the sum total of its component parts.

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 Dear Achilles,> Thank you for your interest in Bozhovich, a person who is so dear to my heart. Your interest in Bozhovich means much to me personally.....Well, today, a number of people have written, and I hope that it will be possible to access various articles for people, and I have attached the instructions through my university affiliation again for others. For example, all of you should be able to now access the issue on L. I. Bozhovich and the Psychology of Personality (Journal of Russian and East European Psychology, 2004, Vol. 42/4), Achilles refers to on page 5, and V. E. Chudnovskii.> > When doing the interviews for the Bozhovich issue, N. Tolystykh was able to do a film interivew of her experiences with Bozhovich, and T. Akhutina was kind enough to interview her. This is a document I am hoping to have in the future film archives of the second generation....At that point, I was given various names of people who collaborated with L. I. Bozhovich, and two names that appeared were M. S. Landa-Neimark and V.E. Chudnovskii. M. S. Landa-Neimark lives in the USA now (she was alive in 2004, but I do not know now), and we spoke a number of times on the phone. I sent her my introduction for her approval, and she sent me the name of V. E. Chudnovskii. A number of us tried to phone him in Israel at that time, but with no success. I will try to call M. S. Landa-Neimark tomorrow and see if I can reach her, and will report to all of you if that is positive. A website with Chudnovskii and the moral stability of personality can be found at:>> M.S. Landa-Neimark sent me a translation of her book, titled "Personality Orientation." (1976, Educational Techology Publications, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632). In the bibliography, there is only one entry for V. E. Chudnovsky..."Experimental determination of dominant behavioral motives in children." Eighteenth International Psychology Congress, Moscow, 1966.> > In closing, I want to make clear that I am not a historian of Russian Psychology (and I think the best historian in this field is Vladimir Umrikhin). My expertise is not in Russian....but, my love of Russian Psychology is very real. I think it is important to state that I am not an expert in this field, just a follower. It is my real wish that Russians/Ukrainians will step up to the plate to help with answers we all need. I am trying to serve as a bridge, but, my limitations are very clear. Can others better explanation? > > Well, again, Achilles, thank you for your true interest in Bozhovich....I sincerely believe she was one of the most loyal followers of Vygotsky, in times that were so difficult none of us could understand.....I admire her beyond any words that could be expressed.....but, it would be better if Russians could speak on her behalf.> warmly,> Dot> > > >
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