[xmca] is Leontiev (1983) available in English?

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Dear Steve, Phil, Andy, Don W., and Everyone!
In trying to make some journal articles available to people whose universities do not have accessibility, I have attached the information I use from my university. Naturally, I hope this information will be used with much discernment. Hope it helps a number of people, who do not have access to the A. N. Leontiev's articles in the Journal of Russian & East European Psychology. Also, under a link "Databases A-Z" there is a way to find PsycArticles and PsychInfo (through EBSCO). Again, the information is: A. N. Leontiev's Creative Path, Vol. 43 (Nrs. 3,4,5). 2005.
There are so many books to be translated, and publishing such translations is not a problem. The problem is obtaining funding for the translations. Writing such grants is impossible for most of us, because of time constraints. It would be great to find a "patron" in Russia/Ukraine, who might finance something like this. It has been done in the past. Clearly, there are more billionaires in Moscow than any other city in the world.
I have written to Dmitry Leontiev about a possible recorded interview. When he responds I will let you know. It is a dream to later think about collecting as much film as possible regarding first/second generation, and have a film library. But, that is down the road.
A. R. Luria....thanks for your comment on Luria, Steve. Your thoughts on more translations of Luria (+ third generation) are very important. It seems to me that it might be an idea for people involved in neuro/clinical psychology and language to get together at ISCAR and sit down and see what needs to be translated into English. A bibliography of Luria's works can be found in A. R. Luria: A Scientific Biography. E. D. Homskaya (2001, Kluwer).
We will have true Lurian experts at ISCAR, all of whom worked with Luria: Bella Kotik, Janna Glozman, Tatiana Akhutina....There is a third generation person I hope will be at ISCAR, Zara Melikyan. There are others. Also, it would be great to know more about the actual clinical practices of Akhutina and Glozman. There is a book with 2nd generation voices called A. R. Luria and Contemporary Psychology. Festschrift Celebrating the Centennial of the Birth of Luria. (2005, Nova Science). There are a number of things that could be translated, included the proceedings of the Luria conference in Moscow in 2002, My Father (by Luria's daughter), the 4/2002 issue of Vestnik Moscow University, celebrating the centennial of Luria...For people in language theories, there is a 1979 book by Luria called Language and Consciousness (has that been translated?...Donna Vocate wrote a book on Luria's language theories in English). A new edition of Higher Cortical Functions of
 Humans was published (3rd. Edition) in 2000.
Clearly, there is much future work with translations, in order to have a broader understanding of the shoulders we all stand on and honor.
Sending each of you good wishes,

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