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Hi-- Thanks for sending this note again.

The approach you adopt seems imminently reasonable to me. .Whenever possible
(I teach college students most of the day, but I
also work with elmentary and middle school kids a lot informal learning
settings and try to arrange for a lot of joint doing things together
as a basis for all attempts to encourage school-related learning. (check out
the site at

As our current article for discussion on play emphasizes, we are always, in
human affairs, dealing with a double, interwoven, relation of
person-object and person-person relations, mediated by tools and signs.
Arranging such activities so that they result in changes that
can be detected on SAT tests while retaining the properties of promoting
learning that supports development of the persons involved is
not always easily arranged, in my experience.

How do TV-ness, mathness- and dudeness combine in regard?


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> Our goal was to describe the way certain
> dynamic acts become part of a new system of acting: how people's
> relationships change, how they can be changed deliberately; how these
> processes start to produce a new quality in the way people understand
> and feel. One can call this "ways of thinking", because in a way they
> are that, but our unit of description and analysis was always a unit
> of acting that produces new meanings.
> I can support through experience, this aspect of the position. I
> deliberately change my students attitude toward learning mathematics. I do
> so in several
> ways:
> 1) The first hour of class is spent with me getting to know them and
> their getting to know me.
> 2) The second hour is spent in their getting to know each other; both
> through a structured activity and through placement in groups around
> tables.
> 3) I structure the mathematics formally through a short presentation and
> then informally present the groups with problems that they solve through
> questioning of me and dialog within the groups.. [Very much ZPD in form.]
> 4) My main thrust is - no student is alone and there is always support
> for
> their learning success.
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