Re: [xmca] is Leontiev (1983) available in English?

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Date: Fri Aug 01 2008 - 06:28:16 PDT

I think Activity, Consciousness, and Personality is Leontiev's 1978 book, available for free on the XMCA discussion papers here:
The paper you want on the concept of activity in Soviet psychology is Chapter Three, no? It's very substantially the same as the chapter published in Wertsch 1978.
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Subject: [xmca] is Leontiev (1983) available in English?
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Date: Friday, August 1, 2008, 3:19 AM

Since we have been talking a bit about Leontiev, and Stetsenko in the
 From Art to Play paper discussion, I have a question. Anna bases her
2005 paper especially on the 1983 book below. These citations are
from that paper. Are either of these available in English?

Leontiev, A. N. (1983). Dejatelnost, soznanie, lichnost [Activity,
consciousness, personality]. In V. Davydov, V. Zinchenko, A. A.
Leontiev & A. Petrovskij (Eds.), A.N.Leont’ev. Izbrannie
psihologicheskie proizvedenija [A. N. Leontiev. Selected psychological
works] (Vol. 2, pp. 94-231). Moscow: Pedagogika.

Leontiev, A. N. (1986). Problema dejatelnosti v istorii razvitja
Sovetskoj psihologii [The problem of activity in the history
of Soviet psychology]. Voprosi Psihologii, July-August, 109—119.

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