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From: Olga Vasquez <ovasquez who-is-at>
Date: Mon Jul 21 2008 - 19:43:14 PDT

We had a training session today, Andy and you are
right, it does make us feel childish but
it helps with the explorations. My team and I
really enjoyed it, though and would have continued
but had some irking issues relating to the
program and had to quit, two quick hours later.

We started at got an avatar and
explore the site at San Jose State where
the 4 presentations will be broadcast.

Some of us changed the color of our hair, flexed
our muscles, flew ( over cuckoo's nest)
and then ran out of time.


>I signed up for Second Life to try participating
>in this, but could not figure out how to find
>this place.
>Really mucks with my head this thing. I have
>never used chat rooms of anything like that. It
>is just so real. I react to people there just
>like real people but I feel childish. :(
>Mike Cole wrote:
>>This topic and forum appears to be of interest to several on xmca
>>Every Week on Monday (1:00-2:30pm SLT) join us for Lessons in Second
>>Life, an open table forum centering on what can be learned in sl in
>>both formal and informal settings. The forum is open to faculty,
>>students, and interested parties of all kinds. We meet at the
>>_blacklibrary hyperborea 91, 30, 26 im buridan simon for more
>>information. Come share your ideas for learning in Second Life
>>this week sponsored by: a portal to the education of the future.... is us?
>>jeremy hunsinger
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