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Date: Tue Jun 10 2008 - 22:07:03 PDT

Thank you all, a host of people have contacted me with their
suggestions off-list and we have a wealth of material to
work with. My brother is stunned by the generosity and
breadth of the response from this list.

Thank you all.
I'll report back maybe after Marissa's exams in November and
let's see how successful they've been.

thanks again
Andy wrote:
> I just read many of the other responses to your plea. So many different
> perspectives.
> When dealing with my students who "don't get it" yet, I spend much of
> the early just time listening, until i find some area where they are
> successful. And build on the thought processes that made them successful
> in that area. Then as Vygotsky has suggested, select another similar
> problem that is just a little bit harder. describe your thought process
> as you tackle the problem. Ask different questions, allow for dead ends.
> Then give a similar question to the student. "If you get stuck, ask
> questions". "Look at the last problem we did." "Look for similarities".
> "Try some things. make some guesses". Stuck? I'll ask some questions.
> Together we will find a way. do this with two or three problems
> {PATIENCE!!!}. When they appear ready, let them do it alone...start to
> finish.
> Take the time to build confidence and a language of inquiry.
> When they are successful on their own, give them a second and third try
> at very similar problems...wait for them to tell you..."these are to easy".
> Many who try to use some of Vygotsky's suggestions spend many hours with
> real applications involving measurement.
> Look for the stdents thought processes that bring success when shopping.
> Use the practical to find success. Use patterns to lead them to the
> concepts.
> Good teaching takes patience and latching on to each success to build
> the next success. Try map drawing to buil visualization and order skills.
> Enjoy the time spent with you child.
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