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hi Andy,

I am a Cambridge University mathematics graduate, former maths
school-teacher, and I
hail from Singapore --- the world-leader in maths "learning" (ha! ha!
 there is a reason
why i put it in quotes), currently doing my PhD in Education on the
development of
"mathematical identity" in trainee-teachers.

It is my dream one day if/when/after I complete my PhD, i would have
time to reach out
to struggling mathematics learners around the world (especially
America). But first I hope
to understand the situation from all angles (psychological, social,
political, educational,
commercial, technological, ... etc.) and what better way to do that
than to interact with
and help real young maths* learners.

I think i'd be able to devote 1 email per week of free mentorship for
Marissa (not too much,
because I'm working full-time and also studying part-time). Just email me at directly.

Sophus F.K. Ng

* that's the way we abbreviate "mathematics" over here.

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> I need help from some of you briliant educaitonalists out
> there. This is help of a personal not a professional kind.
> My brother, Peter, has a very bright 13 year old daughter,
> Marissa, who wants a science career and is bright enough to
> have gained entry to the elite public school in Sydney, but
> she flunks maths. Like so many people I have known over the
> years, she just doesn't get it. 99/100 for any other
> subject, 40/100 for maths.
> Peter will do anything to solve this problem. He is no fool,
> but had architecture training and is a GIS systems person,
> not a teacher. Just a father, not a teacher.
> I promised that I would find him an article which a
> non-academic could understand that would help him help
> Marissa "get" maths. I would help, but I live 1000km away.
> Does anyone have a URL for something he could read which
> would help? Or any little tips?
> with thanks
> Andy
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