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Hi Andy

I think i need to know a bit more what her problem is but its my thing to work with kids who apparently cant do maths - most of them can its just the way they have been taught ...

I like? Mike's stuff ( he is one of my EdD supervisors) but it is primary stuff mostly but good to work with - if your friends wants me to he can contact me and i can try and talk to his daughter over email and than maybe send him some of my material and that of others to work with ..


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Hi Andy,?
Mike Askew is one of the best here in the UK :
Not being specifically a Maths teacher I m not that familiar with his writing.?
Why not write to him and ask what your brother should read??
On 10 Jun 2008, at 09:51, Andy Blunden wrote:?
> I need help from some of you briliant educaitonalists out there. > This is help of a personal not a professional kind.?
> My brother, Peter, has a very bright 13 year old daughter, Marissa, > who wants a science career and is bright enough to have gained > entry to the elite public school in Sydney, but she flunks maths. > Like so many people I have known over the years, she just doesn't > get it. 99/100 for any other subject, 40/100 for maths.?
> Peter will do anything to solve this problem. He is no fool, but > had architecture training and is a GIS systems person, not a > teacher. Just a father, not a teacher.?
> I promised that I would find him an article which a non-academic > could understand that would help him help Marissa "get" maths. I > would help, but I live 1000km away.?
> Does anyone have a URL for something he could read which would > help? Or any little tips??
> with thanks?
> Andy?
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