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Talking about the translations of Vygotsky, I would love to hear
opinions about the renditions of Vygotsky into Spanish in the Visor
versions. My understanding is that they are direct translations from
Russian too.

On May 29, 2008, at 6:10 PM, Peter Smagorinsky wrote:

> I read a mention today of the Soviet Pedology Decree of 1936, and
> ran a
> search to learn more. I found the attached book review (one of many
> in the
> document), Rene van der Veer's review of an Italian translation of
> Thinking
> and Speech. It's pretty sobering in terms of the quality of the
> translations
> I've read in English-not so much because of bad translations, but
> rather
> because the documents they were working from had been rewritten for
> ideological purposes and distort a number of LSV's ideas. Rene, who
> knows as
> much about these things as anyone, says that this is the first
> authentic
> translation of Thinking and Speech into another language.
> Meanwhile, can anyone talk about the Pedology Decree beyond what's
> in the
> review? Thanks,Peter
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