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Date: Sun May 25 2008 - 11:39:30 PDT

I can probably help here:

Aufforderung & Affordance include the word FORD which stems from the
late Old English forthian [to further, from forth].


Auf-forderung means Invitation to do


Affordance means Being in a position to do


On May 25, 2008, at 8:21 PM, Mike Cole wrote:

> In the van der veer and valsiner edition of *Tool and Symbol* the
> editors
> use the term,
> Aufforderungscharakter to refer to the relation of objects in the
> world to
> needs. In a footnote
> they write that this terms is THEIR insertion in place of the Russian
> "literary translation" of
> the Russian "literary term" "kharakter povelevania".
> I am uncertain of the literal translations of povelevania or what
> they mean
> by a literary
> term, but I am struck by the appearance of the idea of affordance that
> appears to be in
> the German term.
> I have not encountered a discussion of the relationship of the ideas
> of
> Gibson and Lewin
> but could someoneS help with the translation issues here?? Is
> Lewin's notion
> translated
> as valence in most English translations, related to the notion of
> affordance
> in Gibson?
> mike
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