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From: Tamara Jackson <tamarajeanjackson who-is-at gmail.com>
Date: Thu May 15 2008 - 09:47:06 PDT

Dear XMCA Members,

Copied below is a list of books we are considering for review in Mind,
Culture, and Activity. Please take a look and consider reviewing one
of the following:

John Hartley
Television Truths
Blackwell 2008
Pg. 270

Laurie Ouellette and James Hay
Better Living Through Reality TV
Blackwell 2008
Pg. 245

Anna Sfard
Thinking as Communicating: Human Development, the Growth of Discourse,
and Mathematizing
Cambridge, 2008
Pp. 290

Virginia Yip and Stephan Matthews
The Bilingual Child: Early Development and Language Contact
Cambridge, 2007
Pg. 270

Jeremy Wisnewski (Ed.)
The Office and Philosophy: Scenes from the Unexamined Life
Blackwell, 2008
Pg. 280

Mary P. Sheridan-Rabideau
Girls, Feminism, and Grassroots Literacies: Activism in the GirlZone
SUNY Press, 2008
Pg. 150

W. Peter Robinson
Arguing to Better Conclusions
Lawrence Erlbaum, 2006
Pp. 125

Anti-Individualism: Mind and Language, Knowledge and Justification
Sanford Goldberg
Cambridge Studies in Philosophy, 2007
Pp. 238

If you are interested in reviewing please let me know as soon as
possible and I will send you a review copy of the book by mail. We
would like to receive the completed review in approximately three
months from the date you receive the book, but this is negotiable. The
review copy of the book will be yours to keep.

To volunteer as a reviewer, please send me a note at
tamarajeanjackson@gmail.com. In the subject of your e-mail, please
write: "Wish to review."

Thank you in advance!

Tamara Jackson :)

Tamara Jackson
Copy Editor
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